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Glidden™ Spred® Interior Ceiling – SV3470 


Glidden Paint

Glidden™ Spred ® Interior paint is a no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) interior wall paint. Glidden Spred is specially formulated to have minimal paint odor, allowing end-users to return painted areas to use almost immediately. Glidden Spred provides excellent coverage, has great hiding and masks minor surface imperfections. It can be applied by brush, roll or spray. Maintenance is easy, and surfaces can be cleaned using common household cleaners to wipe away dirt and stains. Glidden Spred can be custom tinted, and is also available in no-VOC ready-mix colors.

Manufacturer Keywords: No-VOC Low-VOC VOC-free Paint Primer 100% Acrylic Odor-free Low-odor Non-allergenic Environmental Glidden Spred



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