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USG Interiors produces a family of X-technology wet felted acoustical ceiling panels at its Cloquet, MN, facility having

various light reflectance, noise reduction, and attenuation specifications with various levels of post-consumer/industrial

recycled content. The X-technology wet felted3 production line at the Cloquet facility employs a wet-felted technology in

the production of acoustical ceiling panels. X-technology wet felted acoustical ceiling panels contain mostly mineral wool,

starch and clay. In smaller amounts, other raw materials used in the panel forming process include flocculants, biocides

and de-foamer. The finishing and packaging unit processes are dominated by the use of water-based paint, which

contains the following ingredients: calcium carbonate, clay, latex, titanium dioxide (TiO2), other chemicals. Shrink-wrap

and corrugated strip are used as packing materials.

USG Interiors, LLC also produces a family of grid products at its Westlake, OH, Cartersville, GA, Oakville, ON, Canada

and Stockton, CA facilities. This family of grid products coordinates with ECLIPSE CLIMAPLUS, ECLIPSE CLIMAPLUS

HRC, ECLIPSE CLIMAPLUS FIRECODE and ASTRO CLIMAPLUS panels and includes 8 grid profiles including DX/DXL,

DXW, DXT, DXLT, DXF, DXFF, DXLF and DXI. Each profile is available in Intermediate Duty and Heavy Duty weight.

Grid production encompasses the third-party production of the hot-dipped galvanized steel coils, transport of these coils to



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