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Dymeric® 240FC 


Tremco. Inc.

Dymeric® 240FC is a multi-component, chemically-curing, epoxidized polyurethane sealant specially formulated for dynamically moving building joints. A non-sag, general purpose sealant, Dymeric 240FC provides flexible, long life, durable, weathertight seals for both new construction and renovation projects in many types of buildings. It is formulated to be a lightweight. gun-grade material designed for extremely easy mixing, even in cold temperatures. Dymeric 240FC is a solvent-free product that is compliant with all existing VOC regulations.

Dymeric® 240FC can be used on precast concrete, masonry, and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) as well as on metal curtainwall, and on perimeter joints of doors and window frames. The product also can be used in certain water immersion applications.

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Tremco Dymeric 240FC Polyurethane sealant flexible



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