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Epson UltraChrome GS3 ink with Red 


Seiko Epson Corp

Black : T8331/T8901/T8911/T8921/T8931/SC10BK70

Cyan : T8332/T8902/T8912/T8922/T8932/SC10C70

Magenta : T8333/T8903/T8913/T8923/T8933/SC10M70

Yellow : T8334/T8904/T8914/T8924/T8934/SC10Y70

Light Cyan : T8335/T8905/T8915/T8925/T8935/SC10LC70

Light Magenta : T8336/T8906/T8916/T8926/T8936/SC10LM70

Light Black/Gray : T8337/T8907/T8917/T8927/T8937/SC10GY70

Orange : T8338/T8908/T8918/T8928/T8938/SC10OR70

Red : T8339/T8909/T8919/T8929/T8939/SC10R70

White : T833A/T890A/T891A/T892A/T893A/SC10WW60

Metalic Silver : T833B/T890B/T891B/T892B/T893B/SC10MT35

BLACK: T9221, T9231, SC10BK70M

CYAN: T9222, T9232, SC10C70M

MAGENTA: T9223, T9233, SC10M70M

YELLOW: T9224, T9234, SC10Y70M

LIGHT CYAN: T9225, T9235, SC10LC70M

LIGHT MAGENTA: T9226, T9236, SC10LM70M

LIGHT BLACK: T9227, T9237, SC10GY70M

ORANGE: T9228, T9238, SC10OR70M

RED: T9229, T9239, SC10R70M

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