458 All-in 1 Emulsion Paint 


Rainbow paint

NO.458 ALL-in-1 Emulsion paint is a low odor, no artificial flavors and matte sheen ideal for family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways and ceilings that require a scrubbable, mildew resistant finish. This emulsion product helps hide surface imperfections and offers improved hiding for greater coverage..

虹牌全效乳膠漆,採用先進低氣味樹脂,絕無額外添加人工香精等化學添加物,不會造成人體危害;採用極低的揮發性有機氣體含量(低voc),大幅降低對環境的汙染及人體危害,塗刷過程及完工後的味道完全不刺鼻,非常適合室內臥室、客廳的牆面裝修或DIY使用。虹牌全效乳膠漆塗膜細緻並具有微彈性,符合綠建材標章規範,不添加鉛、汞等重金屬,塗膜更具有防霉抗菌性能,依據日本JIS Z 2801方法檢測,具有抗菌效果;經JIS Z 2911方法檢測,可達最高0級之防霉效果,可維護居家室內環境之安全與衛生。

Manufacturer Keywords:

Low Odor Low emission Emulsion Paint Low VOC



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