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SMC AL Open Cell Continuous System 150 


®SMC interiors

SMC aluminum open cell continuous ceiling tiles is designed to provide a spacious characteristic while insuring the sturdiness and durability of the metal suspended ceiling. The open cell is characterized by continuous square cell openings that allow for a simple, and systematic installation process. The continuous system provides a perfectly structured visual effect with a complete modularity, eliminating the need for a grid system due to the sturdy support provided by SMC adjustment clip. This system has available in 600x600mm module with 40mm height, and available in surface cell openings of 150 mm. The open cell ceiling tiles: are made of 0.5mm thick Aluminum with Association: AA3005 H48 - Aluminum alloy and temper. On the basis of international (ISO/DIS 1182.2), and national regulations pre-painted aluminum belongs to Class “0” fire propagation, and are approved to prevent fires.

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Aluminum Ceiling - Metal Ceilings - Specialty Ceiling- False Ceiling - Decorative Ceiling- U Shape Ceiling - Open Cell - Continuous System



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